mastering Billy Elliot

Preparing Standard and Advanced English Students to write an essay on Stephen Daldry’s Billy Elliot for Paper 1: Section II - Texts and Human Experiences.

incursion OVERVIEW

Facilitator: Emily Bosco

Running time: 60 minutes

NESA Teacher Identified Hours: 1 hour for supervising teachers

Fee: $10 per student (GST inclusive)

Minimum booking: 50 students at a minimum rate of $500 per incursion

incursion description

This incursion prepares Standard and Advanced students for Paper 1: Section II - Texts and Human Experiences by:

  • Discussing the core human experiences in Billy Elliot.

  • Walking students through a variety of different essay questions, focusing on question deconstruction and interpretation.

  • Teaching students how to use their interpretation of the essay question to frame a thesis.

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