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Standard Modules Workshops



Each Standard Modules workshop provides students with specific and detailed instruction in relation to each module, elective (if applicable) and prescribed text. Using the course rubric as a guide, students will learn strategies to help them develop their analytical and essay writing skills.

Workshop Details

Each workshop is specific to the prescribed text being studied for Modules A, B and C. In each workshop students will: 

  • Receive valuable analysis of their prescribed text, which will improve their textual knowledge and understanding.
  • Learn strategies for effectively organising their study notes for each module.
  • Learn strategies for quickly and effectively deconstructing essay questions.
  • Learn how to formulate a thesis relevant to the given question.
  • Learn how to sustain an essay thesis.
  • Be given the opportunity to read and assess a model introduction, body paragraph and conclusion before attempting to write their own.



  • Workshop presenter
  • Any necessary workshop design or modification
  • Professional printing and binding of materials
  • Students are provided with a Student Workbook for each workshop
  • Teachers are provided with a Teacher Companion for each workshop
  • Travel and accommodation (if applicable)

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The ideal duration for each seminar is 1 double period or 100 minutes (including a short break).


Workshop Size:

Minimum of 30 students.



  • $35/student/workshop (GST inclusive)
  • Cohort sizes over 60 attract a 15% discount, bringing the cost down to $30/student/workshop (GST inclusive)