Make Your Mark: The Tempest Study Guide

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Make Your Mark: The Tempest Study Guide

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The Make Your Mark: The Tempest Study Guide provides students with model essays and workbook activities designed to help expose the structural techniques behind strong responses.

The model essays provide achievable examples of what makes a good essay response and – most importantly – why it is good. This enables students to move independently from emulation to confidence in their own writing style.

The focus on deconstructing the question will help students understand how to respond in the required way.

The resource features:

• guidance on deconstructing an exam question and engaging properly with the prompt

• advice and activities on understanding the marking criteria and what examiners are looking for

• model essays with unique workbook-style questions, encouraging students to think like the examiner, followed by teacher annotations for comparison

• advice on what to expect in the exam, and practical preparation strategies

• additional practice questions and recommended related texts.

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