Knowledge, Experience & A Proven Learning Model

In our individual sessions, students are taught by supportive, qualified and highly experienced HSC English teachers.
By enrolling for individual tuition, our students have access to expert content knowledge and professionally designed resources necessary for success in HSC English. This, along with the development of writing and analytical skills based on current pedagogical practices developed by the Harvard School of Education, ensures that our students are equipped with all they need to succeed in their HSC English campaign.

Assessment Specific

With individual tuition, students receive personalised attention. This means that the focus remains on the text being taught at school. So, as soon as assessment tasks come in, students begin receiving expert advice and guidance, maximizing the time spent preparing.

Achieve Higher Results

Since 2002, we have helped over 500 students from schools all across Sydney to achieve above and beyond the mark they set for themselves in their chosen HSC English course!

The proof is in our amazing results:
·      Each year in the Advanced English course, over 90% of our students achieve a mark over 80/100.
·      In the Extension 1 English course, the majority of our students achieve a mark of 45 or above out of 50.
·      In the Standard English course, over 90% of our students achieve a mark over 75/100. 

Student Testimonials

Thanks to Emily, I have managed to improve my essay and creative writing skills. I have consistently ranked inside the top 10 at Normanhurst Boys High School, with a final HSC rank of 7th in English Advanced and 4th in English Extension 1. I have thoroughly enjoyed tuition with Emily and I have no hesitation in recommending her English tuition services.
— Kevin Zhang, Normanhurst Boys High School
Individual tuition has improved both my rank and marks at school and made me more comfortable in approaching different questions. Tuition has helped to improve and refine my essay writing skills, particularly when writing under exam conditions. It has also exposed me to a wider range of ideas and interpretations of texts, giving me a broader understanding of the modules and increasing my appreciation and enjoyment of English as a subject.
— Mary Sarvaas, Domremy College
My writing skills have improved a lot in the past year. I have also gained a better understanding of the modules that I studied at school. English tuition helped me to analyse the texts and understand the concepts more easily. My assessment marks improved considerably from previous years, as did my class rank.
— Miru Sivarajah, Cheltenham Girls High School