HSC English Workshops

Our workshops are a great way to get ahead and reduce stress during your HSC year. We run a variety of workshops each holiday period for Standard and Advanced English, allowing you to better structure your English study so that you stay motivated, on-task and on-track! 

All of our workshops focus on course content, text analysis, writing skills and exam skills. This makes each workshop the perfect preparation for upcoming assessment tasks, trial exams and the final HSC exams.


Holiday Program Schedule

Click here to view/download our July 2015 Holiday Program Schedule in PDF format:

Student Testimonials

The Area of Study workshops were useful in improving the way in which I approach questions in comprehension, notably the 3 and 5 mark short answer questions in section 1. The workshop booklets were clear and provided useful examples and the teaching was of a similarly high standard.
— Albert Kartawardana, James Ruse Agricultural High School
The workshops helped me to improve my approach to each section of the exam. The examples provided were really helpful and the sessions were engaging as we were given time to practice following the examples given. Overall, attending the workshops gave me more confidence to tackle exam questions.
— Anni Gao, North Sydney Girls High School
The workshops improved my skills in essay writing, creative writing and textual analysis. My understanding of examination expectations was also enhanced. The quality of the workshop booklets was brilliant and extremely informative.
— Felicia Gong, Burwood Girls High School