The Poetry of W.H. Auden Student Book (eBook)


The Poetry of W.H. Auden Student Book (eBook)


A student book suitable for students studying the poetry of W.H. Auden and related texts for HSC Advanced English Module C: Representing People and Politics.

Included in this student book:

  • Notes on the concept of 'Representing People and Politics', including detailed explanation of core political theories
  • A study of Auden's poetry organised into specific topics relating to: hegemony, the construction of social order, the rise of fascism and totalitarian leaders and states, the incompatibility of truth and happiness, and the choice of the individual to challenge, accept, or be apathetic toward political injustice
  • A variety of activities for:
    • Investigating W.H. Auden's context
    • Analysing the prescribed poems - 'O what is that sound which so thrills the ear', 'Spain', 'Epitaph on a Tyrant', 'In Memory of W.B. Yeats', 'September 1, 1939', 'The Unknown Citizen', and 'The Shield of Achilles'. 
    • Examining textual form
    • Analysing and integrating appropriate related texts: 'Spilling the Spanish Beans' (George Orwell), 'Whose for the Game?' (Jessie Pope), 'Matthew P. Hoh's Resignation Letter' (Matthew P. Hoh)
    • Constructing arguments using the poems and how to extend these arguments to other related texts
    • A scaffold for essay writing
  • Making Thinking Visible activities (inspired by Harvard Project Zero)
  • Mini essay questions to assist students in consolidating their understanding throughout the study
  • An extended response question to complete the study



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