King Richard III/Looking for Richard Student Book (eBook)


King Richard III/Looking for Richard Student Book (eBook)


A very thorough and comprehensive student book suitable for students studying William Shakespeare's King Richard III and Al Pacino's Looking for Richard for the HSC Advanced English Module A: Intertextual Connections.

Included in this student book:

  • Notes on the concept of 'Intertextual Connections'
  • Notes and student activities on the context of both King Richard III and Looking for Richard
  • A comparative study structured around 3 distinct points of comparison
  • A guided approach to comparing the texts using specific extracts 
  • A variety of textual analysis questions
  • Tables for comparing the texts, their contexts and values
  • Debating topics
  • Conceptual activities specific to comparing the texts in terms of 'Intertextual Connections'
    • Making Thinking Visible activities (inspired by Harvard Project Zero)
    • Mini-essay questions for each point of comparison to assist students in consolidating their understanding throughout the study
    • An extended response question to complete the study



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