Brave New World Student Book (eBook)


Brave New World Student Book (eBook)


A student book suitable for students studying Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World and related texts for HSC Advanced English Module C: Representing People and Politics.

Included in this student book:

  • Notes on the concept of 'Representing People and Politics', including detailed explanation of core political theories
  • A study of Brave New World organised into specific topics relating to: hegemony, the construction of social order, the rise of fascism and totalitarian leaders and states, the incompatibility of truth and happiness, and the mutability of language and taboo
  • A variety of activities for:
    • Investigating the context of Brave New World
    • Analysing the novel, including activities specific to examining textual form
    • Constructing arguments using Brave New World and how to extend these arguments to other related texts
    • A scaffold for essay writing
  • Making Thinking Visible activities (inspired by Harvard Project Zero)
  • An extended response question to complete the study



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