English Tuition

1. Do you teach all levels of English?

Yes, we specialise in all secondary English courses – from Year 7 through to Year 12. 

2. Do you prepare primary students for the Selective Schools Examination?

Yes, we do accept enrolments for students in Year 5 and Year 6, if your child will be taking the Selective Schools Examination.

3. Do you teach all HSC English prescribed texts?

Yes, we specialise in detailed knowledge of all texts prescribed for the HSC English Standard, Advanced and Extension One courses.

4. Who teaches my child?

All of our students are taught by qualified and experienced English teachers.

5. What are the HSC English results for past students?

Being specialists in HSC English, our students achieve excellent HSC English results each year. The majority of our English Advanced students score over 85 and our English Standard students score over 80 each year.

6. How will I be informed of my child’s progress?

We welcome regular contact with parents – either by phone, email or in person.

7. Are parents informed if their child misses a lesson?

Yes, we take attendance very seriously and parents are informed if their child does not turn up for a scheduled lesson. Likewise, parents are also contacted if their child is frequently late for their lessons.

8. How can I enrol?

You can enrol by giving Emily a call on 0403 850 807. Alternatively you can send an email to emily@intoenglish.com.au or simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page.


Resource Purchases

1. How do your store purchases work?

To learn about how our site's store purchases work, click here.

2. How many times can I download each resource?

Each resource can be downloaded as many times, however the download links expire after 24 hours.

3. How many times can I print each resource?

All resources are sold as a single use only. This means you can print each resource only once. It is a breach of copyright laws to print and distribute multiple copies. If you require a class set of a particular resource, please contact Emily for a custom quote.

4. I didn’t receive an email with download links. What do I do now?

Please check your spam/junk folder – it may have gone there! Alternatively, send an email to emily@intoenglish.com.au and we will re-send your order.

5. My download link doesn’t work. What do I do now?

Occasionally we experience glitches. If this happens to you, please send an email to emily@intoenglish.com.au and we will sort it out for you.

6. The download link I received has expired. Can I still get access to my order?

Download links do expire after 24 hours, however If you didn’t get the chance to download your order in this time please send an email to emily@intoenglish.com.au and we will send you a new set of download links.

Need to get in contact?

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