Discovery Creative Writing Online Course

  • Course Code: IEPT0001
  • Facilitator: Emily Bosco
  • Start Date: 27th February, 2017
  • End Date: 5th May, 2017                                                                    
  • Format: Online                                                                                       
  • Accredited Career Stage Level: Graduate Teacher (ACT only) Proficient Teacher (NSW & ACT) 
  • QTC Accredited Hours: 16
  • TQI Accredited Hours: 5
  • Cost: $450 (GST inclusive)

This course runs from week 5 of Term 1 until week 2 of Term 2 (NSW school term dates). There are no classes during the April school holiday period.

Course Description

This course is designed for Stage 6 English teachers who are keen to supplement their Area of Study teaching programs with creative writing strategies that will enhance the quality of their students' writing, and lift student performance in this area of assessment. Over 8 weeks teachers will explore how to make the creative writing process an accessible and enjoyable experience for students; as well as a process that can be used to promote engagement with, and deepen understanding of the concept of discovery. The modules in the course are designed to assist teachers in three key ways:

  1. Teaching creative writing
  2. Assessing and marking creative writing
  3. Integrating creative writing into existing HSC English Area of Study program

Target Audience

This course is for Secondary English teachers who are interested in improving their approach to teaching creative writing in the context of a Stage 6 classroom. The strategies suggested can be implemented in the classroom as teachers progress through the course.

Working Online

This course takes place in the Into English online learning environment. Once you have successfully registered, you will be added into our system and you will receive your login details. The course begins on the advertised start date, and a new module will be unlocked for you each week. There are no set times where you will have to be online for webinars or live conferences. Rather, you will have access to specific course materials in each module, and are required to complete a relevant practical activity, before reporting back to the group online. 

Each module requires 2 hours to complete. 


Module 1: Course Outline and Getting Started

An overview of the course, expectations, and getting set up in the online learning environment. 

Module 2: Why Write? Creative Writing in the Area of Study

A rationale for creative writing and how it can develop critical thinking. There will be a particular focus in this module on the ways creative writing can be harnessed to engage students in the Area of Study, deepening their conceptual understanding of discovery.

Module 3: The Features of Better Responses

What does a high-scoring creative piece look like? In this module, participants will consider a number of exemplar responses to determine how they have successfully met the marking criteria. 

Module 4: Analysing and Using the Writing Stimulus and Writing Task

In this module, participants will learn strategies for analysing and making use of the stimulus and writing task with their students.

Module 5: Creative Writing in the Classroom

Writing activities focusing on the development of content, imagery, and character, as well as control of language and structure is the focus of this module. Teachers will have the opportunity to engage in these writing activities themselves, and use them with their students. Various methods of feedback, teacher conferencing, and peer reviews will also be modeled as strategies for classroom use. 

Module 6: Strategies for Helping Students Adapt Creative Pieces

You don't need to start from scratch! This module will focus on methods for helping students to call upon and adapt creative pieces they have already written, scenarios, and characters they have previously developed when they are required to respond to a new writing task.

Module 7: Programming Creative Writing

Ways of integrating creative writing activities into existing Area of Study teaching and learning programs will be considered, developed, and shared in this module.

Module 8: Marking Creative Writing

Participants will engage in marking creative writing pieces, focusing on achieving fairness and consistency.

Course Materials

The cost of registration includes the following course materials:

  • Discovery Creative Writing Student Book by Emily Bosco
  • Discovery Creative Writing Exam-Style Tasks by Emily Bosco
  • Discovery Creative Writing Exemplar Responses Student Book by Anthony Bosco

Participants will receive these books by the course commencement date.


Completing the Discovery Creative Writing Online Course will contribute 16 hours of QTC registered PD addressing Standard 2 and Standard 3 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation in NSW.

Completing the Discovery Creative Writing Online Course will contribute 5 hours of TQI registered PD addressing the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers toward maintaining Graduate Teacher and Proficient Teacher accreditation in the ACT. 


To register for this course, please complete the online form below, or download the registration form to fax to us. 

Registrations close Wednesday 22nd February, 2017. 

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