As I mentioned in my presentation at the ETA Conference on Saturday, I have run multiple PD sessions on The Craft of Writing in 2018.

However, to fit within the constraints of a one hour presentation, I had to consolidate and edit my previous PD sessions on this module. This meant inevitably cutting many slides!

So, I have decided to release the additional slides here, for those of you who are keen for a few more ideas. You will notice that in previous Craft of Writing sessions, I have covered other prescribed texts: ‘Politics and the English Language’, Noel Pearson and JK Rowling’s speeches, and Carol Chan’s poem, ‘Popcorn’. I have included some MTV routines, and made some suggestions about where these texts could be placed in Module A and Module B programs in order to teach them concurrently.

In Saturday’s presentation I argued that the best place for the Craft of Writing prescribed texts was in the Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences. After a year of thinking on it, I definitely maintain that this is the most effective programming approach. However, I’m the first to acknowledge it is by no means the only way to go.

In any case, I think it is best to adopt an approach that firstly sees the Craft of Writing texts integrated into the teaching of the other Modules, before being taught discretely in a 3-4 week intensive block.

You can download the presentation slides and session handout from my presentation at the 2018 ETA Conference, and the additional slides using the links below:

AuthorEmily Bosco